Vietnam in HD(2011)

1 season

Vietnam in HD is a 6-part American documentary television miniseries that originally aired from November 8 to November 11, 2011 on the History Channel. From the same producers as WWII in HD, the program focuses on the firsthand experiences of thirteen Americans during the Vietnam War. The thirteen Americans retell their stories in Vietnam paired with found footage from the battlefield. The episodes premiered on three consecutive days, with two episodes per day. The series is narrated by Michael C. Hall.


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Season 1

6 episodes

Season 1 of Vietnam in HD premiered on 2011.

Frequent questions about Vietnam in HD

Where can I watch the Vietnam in HD on the Web?
You can watch the Vietnam in HD online at DIRECTV, Microsoft Store, Amazon Video, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Apple iTunes, Hoopla
Who starred in the Vietnam in HD?
Adrian Grenier, Michael C. Hall played the leading parts in the Vietnam in HD
How many seasons of the Vietnam in HD series are available online?
There are 1 seasons available on the Web
What are the age-restrictions for the Vietnam in HD?
The Vietnam in HD has a "TV-14" film rating.