The Bride Goes Wild(1948)

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McGrath publishes books for children and Uncle Bump is one of the best sellers. Unfortunately, Greg, who is Uncle Bump, tends to drink too much and has not started his next book. Martha won a contest to illustrate the book and the first thing that happens is that Greg gets her soused. To keep her there to illustrate, John gets a juvenile delinquent named Danny to play his son and show how much pressure he is under. The ploy works at first, but Greg's heart was broken by Tillie, and Martha may be the girl who makes him forget all about her.


... Greg Rawlings

... Martha Terryton

... John McGrath

... Miss Doberly

... Tillie Smith Oliver

... 'Pops'

... Bruce Kope Johnson

... rs. Carruthers

... Mrs. Carruthers


Norman Taurog

Run Time:


Frequent questions about The Bride Goes Wild

Where can I watch the The Bride Goes Wild on the Web?
You can watch the The Bride Goes Wild online at Microsoft Store, Amazon Video
Who directed the The Bride Goes Wild?
The movie director is Norman Taurog
Who starred in the The Bride Goes Wild?
Van Johnson, June Allyson, Hume Cronyn played the leading parts in the The Bride Goes Wild
How long does the movie last?
The running time of the The Bride Goes Wild is 98 minutes