The Alice(2005)

1 season

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The Alice was an Australian drama television series created by Justin Monjo and Robyn Sinclair. It was set in the central outback city of Alice Springs. The program began as a successful TV movie, that later spun off a regular series. The series proved less popular and was cancelled by the Nine Network on 28 September 2005 after a sharp decline in its ratings. The entire series and original TV movie have since been released on DVD.


... Jess Daily

... Patrick

... Jack Jaffers

... Toby Delaney

... Michael Anderson

... Helen Gregory

... Hugh Delaney

... Matt Marione

... Ellie Delaney



Season 1

22 episodes

Season 1 of The Alice premiered on 2005.

Frequent questions about The Alice

Where can I watch the The Alice on the Web?
You can watch the The Alice online at Amazon Prime Video
Who starred in the The Alice?
Jessica Napier, Simon Burke, Erik Thomson played the leading parts in the The Alice
How many seasons of the The Alice series are available online?
There are 1 seasons available on the Web