Secrets & Lies(1996)

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A middle-aged London factory worker is shocked when the mixed-race daughter she gave up at birth decides to track her down. At first she denies she is her mother. All family members become emotional, as everyone's secrets are exposed.


Secrets And Lies Trailer 1996


... Maurice Purley

... Cynthia Rose Purley

... Hortense Cumberbatch

... Monica Purley

... Roxanne Purley

... Paul

... The Social Worker

... Dionne

... Stuart


Mike Leigh

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Frequent questions about Secrets & Lies

Where can I watch the Secrets & Lies on the Web?
You can watch the Secrets & Lies online at Criterion Channel
Who directed the Secrets & Lies?
The movie director is Mike Leigh
Who starred in the Secrets & Lies?
Timothy Spall, Brenda Blethyn, Marianne Jean-Baptiste played the leading parts in the Secrets & Lies
How long does the movie last?
The running time of the Secrets & Lies is 142 minutes
What are the age-restrictions for the Secrets & Lies?
The Secrets & Lies has a "R" film rating.