Cyborg Soldier(2008)

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A cyborg escapes the facility where he was created. With the help of a local sheriff, he tries to run from the dangerous scientists that created him.


... Simon Hart

... Lindsey Reardon


... Janice Fraser

... Dr. Tyler Voller

... Matt Larkin


John Stead

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Age Rating:


Frequent questions about Cyborg Soldier

Where can I watch the Cyborg Soldier on the Web?
You can watch the Cyborg Soldier online at Apple iTunes, YouTube, Google Play Movies, Amazon Prime Video
Who directed the Cyborg Soldier?
The movie director is John Stead
Who starred in the Cyborg Soldier?
Bruce Greenwood, Tiffani Thiessen, Rich Franklin played the leading parts in the Cyborg Soldier
How long does the movie last?
The running time of the Cyborg Soldier is 84 minutes
What are the age-restrictions for the Cyborg Soldier?
The Cyborg Soldier has a "R" film rating.