Crash & Bernstein - Season 2(2013)

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... Amanda Bernstein

... Mel Bernstein

... Cleo Bernstein

... Crash

... Wyatt Bernstein

The Nosejob Job - S2E1
Crash goes through the options of a possible nose to add to his face. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Pesto look for a place to hang out when Amanda, Cleo, and Jasmine take over their usual hang-outs in the apartment with Amanda's modeling plans, Cleo's dance parties, and Jasmine's hide and seek activities.
Health-o-ween - S2E2
Wyatt and Crash are excited for Halloween, but new rules threaten to turn the school into a Halloween-free zone.
Crash Is Having a Baby - S2E3
The boys parent an egg for science class, but things turn wacky when Crash becomes obsessed with the egg. Meanwhile, Mel tries to help Cleo master a sport so she can pass gym class.
Trash & Bernstein - S2E4
Wyatt, Crash and Pesto battle Cleo's team in the school's cup-stacking contest, but Crash gets distracted by a toxic trash heap.
Frat Chance - S2E5
Amanda pulls a prank on Cleo and Pesto, and the two team up to seek revenge. Meanwhile, Crash and Wyatt are mistakenly invited to join a fraternity on campus.
Action Zero - S2E6
Crash is confident after beating Wyatt at arm wrestling so he challenges an action star to a match.
Like Father, Like Purple - S2E7
Wyatt's father Karl Bernstein returns from his globetrotting adventures as a wildlife photographer.
Merry Crashenfest - S2E8
As Hanukkah approaches, the Bernstein family teaches Crash the traditions of the holiday.
Duck, Duck, Crash - S2E9
Crash and Wyatt destroy one of Mel's possessions and Jasmine threatens to tell on them.
Escape from Bigfoot Island - S2E10
Wyatt, Crash and Pesto encounter Bigfoot when they get stranded on an island.
Monkey Business - S2E11
Crash eats a book on how to be a mechanic and develops an ability to fix vehicles. Wyatt and Crash take advantage of the situation and open a vehicle repair shop.
Flushed in Space - S2E12
Double Header - S2E13

Frequent questions about Season 2

Where can I watch the Season 2 on the Web?
You can watch the Season 2 online at Google Play Movies, Disney Plus
Who starred in the Season 2?
Oana Gregory, Mary Birdsong, Aaron R Landon played the leading parts in the Season 2