Crash & Bernstein - Season 1(2012)

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... Amanda Bernstein

... Mel Bernstein

... Cleo Bernstein

... Crash

... Wyatt Bernstein

Crash Lands - S1E1
Wyatt Bernstein, a kid with three sisters, builds a puppet named Crash, who comes to life and becomes his brother he always wanted.
Scaredy Crash - S1E2
Crash helps Wyatt with his insect phobia but develops a fear of mustaches himself. Amanda develops a fear of meat.
Coach Crash - S1E3
Crash becomes the coach of Wyatt's basketball team and ends up benching Wyatt.
Educating Crash - S1E4
Wyatt takes Crash to school with him, but Crash gets in trouble with the principal.
Party Crasher - S1E5
Home Alone... With Crash - S1E6
Motorcycle Crash - S1E7
Undercover Crash - S1E8
System Crash - S1E9
Crash Crush - S1E10
Shorty Crash - S1E11
Release The Crashen - S1E12
Cold Hard Crash - S1E13
Crashtagion - S1E14
Crash Jacked - S1E15
Rufus "The Slapper" is stealing everyone's stuff as Wyatt tries to reason with him. Crash ends up captured by Rufus who holds him for a ransom of Wyatt's bicycle which doesn't go well. Meanwhile, Amanda thinks that Mel had killed Crash after he had previously broke the television as Mel takes advantage of this when she is informed of this by Cleo.
Crash vs. Flex - S1E16
While Wyatt is gathering stuff for the school's rummage sale, Crash becomes extremely jealous when Wyatt finds his old "Flex Fletcher" toy. Meanwhile, Cleo creates a money-making venture at the rummage sale and Amanda raises money for new boots to wear at a party.
Crashus Maximus - S1E17
While working with Wyatt on a report about the Roman Empire, Crash gets struck by lightning and receives multiple personalities of Crash (like Chef Crash, Caveman Crash, Southern Millionaire Crash, Cat Crash, and the gladiator Maximus Octavius) which cause trouble immediately.
Crashlemania - S1E18
Crash, Wyatt and Pesto join the school wrestling team.
Comic Book Crash - S1E19
Parade Crasher - S1E20
Crashy McSmartypants - S1E21
In order to get tickets to the big wrestling, Wyatt and Crash get a job as newsdealers at Roland's newsstand and Crash starts to give customers silly advice which actually works. Meanwhile, Cleo holds a meeting with her friends who have been appointed as Cleo's board of directors and later plans to take advantage of Crash by making him the spokesperson for Cleo.
Monster Crash - S1E22
Crash believes a trucker hat that he purchased at the Muddy Melee monster truck event brings him luck. When Crash's hat goes missing, he thinks that it has been stolen and suspects Mel, Amanda, Cleo, Jasmine, or Mr. Poulos.
Crash Asks Too Many Questions - S1E23
Crash is obsessed with Wyatt's voice command Cassie at the time when he plans to enter the game show "Crazy Family Awesome Time.
Crash the Man - S1E24
Mr. Poulous loads up his van to go on a camping trip with his friends. Crash, Wyatt and Pesto sneak into the van to tag along.
Crash on the Run, Part 1 - S1E25
Build-A-Bestie announces a product recall of their dolls. Wyatt and Crash must elude an agent sent to destroy Crash.
Crash on the Run, Part 2 - S1E26

Frequent questions about Season 1

Where can I watch the Season 1 on the Web?
You can watch the Season 1 online at Google Play Movies, Disney Plus, Apple iTunes
Who starred in the Season 1?
Oana Gregory, Mary Birdsong, Aaron R Landon played the leading parts in the Season 1