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2057 is a Discovery Channel television program hosted by theoretical physicist Michio Kaku. It premiered on January 28, 2007 and attempts to predict what the world will be like in 50 years based on current trends. The show takes the form of a docu-drama with three separate episodes, each having informative stories ingrained into the plot. All three episodes aired on January 28, 2007.


Season 1

3 episodes

Season 1 of 2057 premiered on 2007.

Frequent questions about 2057

Where can I watch the 2057 on the Web?
You can watch the 2057 online at Amazon Video, Amazon Prime Video
Who starred in the 2057?
Michio Kaku played the leading parts in the 2057
How many seasons of the 2057 series are available online?
There are 1 seasons available on the Web
What are the age-restrictions for the 2057?
The 2057 has a "TV-G" film rating.