Homemade Love Story(2020)

Original Title: 오! 삼광빌라!

1 season

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Strangers living together at the Samkwang Villa get to know each other and even fall in love.


... Woo Jae-hee

... Lee Bit Jae-woon

... Lee Soon-jung

... Woo Jung-hoo

... Kim Jung-won

... Lee Hae-deun

... Lee Ra-hoon

... Lee Man-jung

... Kim Hwak-se

... Hwang Na-ro


Hong Suk-goo



Season 1

4 episodes

Season 1 of Homemade Love Story premiered on 2020.

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Frequent questions about Homemade Love Story

Where can I watch the Homemade Love Story on the Web?
You can watch the Homemade Love Story online at Rakuten Viki
Who directed the Homemade Love Story?
The TV Show director is Hong Suk-goo
Who starred in the Homemade Love Story?
Lee Jang-woo, Jin Ki-joo, Jeon In-Hwa played the leading parts in the Homemade Love Story
How many seasons of the Homemade Love Story series are available online?
There are 1 seasons available on the Web